Jul 14, 2014

Have Shades: Will Travel

Ahh, the beauty of accessories. That one item that'll liven up your entire outfit, the one you know people will give you an endless amount of compliments for whenever you wear it, that you'll look at every once in a while and think "wow, i'm happy I bought these". That signature pair of shoes, earrings, sunglasses… the one your friends or siblings ask to borrow but you're like, nahhh, hands off. I love accessories, I always tell myself I should invest in more rather than just buying clothes but still forget too, one of my favorite kinds are sunglasses so I decided to put together a little visual ode to them.


Jan 8, 2014

the thirst.

old episode that i came across on who wants to be a millionaire, this is just funny as fuck.

Jan 1, 2014

So the main reason for this post is for documentation, I know I'm gonna forget about it if I don't write it down… On the first day of the New Year, I woke up from a dream about my dad for the first time in a long time, and it was only the second dream I've had about him since he passed five years ago. It was super realistic and I started crying a couple minutes after I woke up. It wasn't a bad dream, but I got really angry that I couldn't remember most of the dream once I woke up. So I was at my aunt's house (who I saw recently and spent Christmas with for the first time in years), we were at the dinner table and he was acting very father-like, that may sound redundant but, well, I'm not sure how to put it exactly. He was just being really cool and social especially with my younger cousins. I remember him going into the kitchen cause something fell and he wanted to make sure everyone was ok. At the dinner table I started singing this song and he was the only one who knew the words to it and I just looked at him almost in awe.

I really miss him yo and I tried to look up dream interpretations about dead family members but the results varied and didn't seem very credible. Nevertheless, I love him to infinity and beyond so of course having a positive dream about him on the first day of the New Year is dope. I hope you all have a great year and do everything you plan to, stay safe, healthy, and blessed. love wtfloflo.

Dec 27, 2013

Michael Nguie

Being a Photographer is sort of a curse. It's almost like when your brain has become so accustomed to capturing intriguing and peculiar subjects, whether you have your camera on you or not, you can't just turn off that ability. Therefore, side effects include: abruptly stopping to photograph random shit and staring at objects, patterns, or people for long periods of time. I came up with this term "photographer's guilt", which basically means seeing something that deserves to be photographed but because one may not have their camera on them, they can't and therefore regret or feel guilty about not bringing out their camera because they realize they probably can't capture that moment in the same way they saw it ever again. You may be thinking, it's not like you have to take pictures of everything Flo, geez. This is true but one of the thrills of photography as an art form is the spontaneity and skill that it takes to get a good photograph at any given moment. Not only is that a combination of right place, right time and just pure luck, but being able to have an eye for good shit. That was a long ass introduction but Michael Nguie's work beautifully embodies all the great things about photography, and his "eye for good shit" is absolutely impeccable. It's photographers like these that encourage me to never forget to bring my camera out when I leave home. I once recognized Ricky Powell in Soho and he told me the same thing, you really are losing nothing just by putting it around your neck and going about your day, speaking of which, Ricky followed me on Instagram yesterday that was fucking awesome. Ok, now all that being said, check out Michael's work.